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The Xbox network is available in 43 countries. Users from other countries are not officially supported, although it is possible for them to access the Xbox network if they provide an address located in a country where the service is accessible. The user's chosen nation has an effect on his or her payment choices, content, and services.

Users were previously unable to change their account region, but in October 2012, Microsoft launched an experimental account migration tool as a pilot project, allowing users to relocate their region while keeping their Xbox network profile. Subscriptions such as those for Xbox Music are not transferable using this approach.

On May 18, 2011, Microsoft announced that it intended to launch the Xbox network in the Middle East within a year, but this did not happen. On October 20, 2012, however, Microsoft officially announced that the service would be available in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia three days later.

Microsoft announced on November 4 that the service would be made available in Argentina and Israel on November 29. The service was also accessible in Slovakia and Turkey in December. In late 2014, the service was introduced in China.

First-generation Xbox Live shutdown

On April 15, 2010, Microsoft discontinued the Xbox Live Gold service for the original Xbox after 17 years. Gamers were encouraged to move to the Xbox 360 as a result of this. Users were still able to play following the expiration date and time that Microsoft had stated, through loopholes and gaps.

Users had the option to continue communicating in the network, but new users were unable to join. 14 people played Halo 2 on May 11, 2010, until official Xbox Live service was discontinued for the original Xbox. Though the original Xbox's official Live service has been discontinued, tunneling software like Xlink Kai allows original Xbox owners to play system link games like Halo 2 with other people all around the world, much as they can via Xbox Live.

The "Noble 14"

The Noble 14 were a group of Halo 2 fans who played the game until May 11, 2010, when Microsoft officially discontinued it. The players would create their own personalized games, in which they all strived to stay as long as possible. "A tiny group of a committed few engaged in a battle against overwhelming odds," says an Xbox official about the Noble 14.

It's not a Noble team from Halo: Reach, but it's the final, passionate few who are still playing Halo 2. We wish them the best of luck in their struggle against time. gave out the last 12 beta codes to the previous 12 users, as well as extending Microsoft users' Xbox Live accounts.

The last users on the service were "Agent Windex" and "Apache N4SIR," who were both disconnected two days after the third user, "Lord Odysseus11," was eliminated by an internet outage. User Agent Windex was disabled on May 10th, saying "Excellent work Apache, you're the last one." The next day, May 11th, when many hours had passed since Agent Windex was kicked off, Apache N4SIR went offline. He stated that he wanted to play for 15 hours for each member (14 for each member plus one extra hour for the community), then one more hour.

Live Anywhere

Microsoft's Live Anywhere program seeks to bring Microsoft's Live online gaming and entertainment network to a variety of platforms and devices, including the Xbox 360, Windows XP (Service Pack 2/3), Vista, and 7, as well as the Microsoft Windows Phone. At E3 and CES, Motorola announced a mobile phone that would be used in conjunction with the concept service for mobile devices.

During the presentation, Microsoft's Chris Early stated that Live Anywhere is a long-term project with a rollout planned over several years. On February 15, 2010, Microsoft unveiled its next mobile operating system, Windows Phone. With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has integrated full Xbox Live functionality into Windows Phone for the first time.

In March 2019, Microsoft revealed that it would be releasing Xbox Live SDKs for iOS and Android mobile devices, allowing developers on those platforms to utilize most of the features of Xbox Live into their applications. Microsoft stated that they are working towards bringing this capability to the Nintendo Switch, anticipating it will be a post-release feature for Cuphead on the Switch port.


According to Business Insider, the Xbox network is expected to have generated at least $1 billion in revenue during Microsoft's fiscal year ending June 30, 2010.


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